The current clan sets out on missions depending on their rankings allows them to partake in higher ranked and rewarding missions, completing difficult missions as well as stealing more eyes from other people as well as clan members. There are only 2 members ranked は一族主謀,うちは一族主謀.


By collecting more eyes and completing missions ranking can increase. Rankings go through as followed:

逆徒 - Born Uchiha :

うちは子 - Child of Uchiha :

うちは成員 - Member of Uchiha :

新入り - Uchiha Initiate :

駆出し - Uchiha Beginner Trainee :

火遁 - Kudashi:

一巴 - 1-Tomoe Shojisha:

中級 - Uchiha Intermediate Trainee:

火遁 - Chūkyū

二巴 - 2-Tomoe Shojisha:

上級 - Uchiha Advanced Trainee:

火遁 - Jōkyū

三巴 - 3-Tomoe Shojisha:

うちは英俊 - Uchiha Child Prodigy:

下忍 - Uchiha Kokumetsu:

中忍 - Uchiha Hokumetsu:

特別上忍 - Uchiha Tokubetsu:

上忍 - Uchiha Bokumetsu:

木ノ葉警務部隊 - Busō:

木ノ葉警務部隊 - Shubō:

万華鏡写輪眼 - Shojisha:

は一族主謀 - Ichizoku Uchiha:

うちは一族主謀 - Ichizoku Uchiha Sage: