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  • Natsu

  • Natsu
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"| Male
Height 175.0 cm
Weight 55.9 kg

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  • Sharingan renniga
  • Ladies Man


  • Konohagakure


Natsu's personality is somewhat childish as he is very immature and doesn't take his ranking or his opponents very seriously, he's lazy and would rather admit defeat than fight, knowing full well that he could win with ease. However when angered he becomes an uncontrollable force that almost cannot be stopped. He's very friendly and is loved and known by almost everyone, he's a pretty big ladies man as he gets in with all the ladies, and they find him particularly more pleasant than other males tend to.

Battle abilityEdit

While not angered Natsu's fighting ability is poor at best, but he's not to be underestimated as he is able to warp reality to his will with his uknown abilities, however he is not seen in fights as he believes 'Fighting is unecessary' however that is just his excuse because he's lazy. he is amazingly strong as he is able to shatter steel with 1 hand. He is well adept to hand to hand combat and would rather fight close up to his enemies, unlike his rival Shadow N. Uchiha. He is also however extremely adept to using any weapon he touches as he is able to easily out-match his squad leader who uses a sword like a master, just by picking up the sword and trying it out. His most dangerous ability is his power to warp reality, allowing him to change anything to his favour and make himself an extremely hard and unpredictable opponent. Natsu is able to absorb enemy jutsu by simply breaking it down into chakra, he would simply have to take a stance and suck it into his mouth, causing the technique to turn back into raw chakra. however he cannot absorb every type of jutsu.


Shadow N. Uchiha Natsu's deepest rival, as well as closest friend. atsu and Shadow have known each other for a very long time and trust each other deeply. Natsu has faught bravely by Shadows side, as has Shadow by Natsu's side. They often share jokes with each other and just have a good time, enjoying each others company. Shadow is Natsu's polar opposite in personality, but this brings out the best of both of them as they strive to be better than each other. Natsu had a huge impact on Shadow, and Shadow changed Natsu's personality and made him realize, sometimes in life, you have to be serious.


Natsu has a large variety of techniques but his mainly used technique is Creation of all material.Natsu also has the ability to absorb jutsu's by taking a stance and 'eating' it, he does this by transforming the jutsu back into raw chakra and digesting it to rejuvenate himself.