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Squad Roger

There are in total 6 squads, all having their own unique members and battle styles, each squad is unique in that each member is a different level to the other members, some on a completely different dimension of power.
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Each squad contains at least 1 user of each element meaning that they will always be able to co-ordinate stratedgy with each other. However some members know multiply naturo types, 2 knowing all, allowing them to access Rennigan.

Squad 1: Kat, Cosmice, Sasuke

Squad one's members are very brutal and show no mercy towards opponents, they mainly rely on decimating the opponent quickly and effortlessly and don't rely much on team work.

Squad 2: Toshiro, Ayuka, Mizaki

There is no information on this squad as they are very secrative. however they are known to be very strong, rivaling the power of Squad 4 apparently.

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Squad 3: Itachi, Rose, Hyzuki

Squad 3 mainly focuses on trying to extract enemy intel and using it to gain extra rewards from many other people by selling their information. In terms of strength however, they pale in comparison to the likes of Squad 5 and 6.

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Squad 4: Hex, Nova, Sammi This squad is one of the deadliest squad as they are master assasins and take down their opponents with ease, like squad 2, ot much is known about them.

Squad 5: Natsu, Rini, Eternal (Team Natsu)

Squad 5 is a more friendly and goofy squad who would rather mess around than fight and undertake in missions, however they contain essentially one of the most dangerous ninja's in the chat in their group. They are very playful and friendly but should not be underestimated.

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Squad 6: Domo, Taiyo, Broken

Not much is known about squad 6, except that without Taiyo this would be the weakest squad.