Taiyo Uchiha
Other leader

Taiyo Uchiha

Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Movie Every
Video Game All of them
OVA Kiss x Sis
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
Voice Actors
  • Taiyo
  • Taiyo
Gender Male
Height 175.0 cm
Weight 55.9 kg
Kekkei Genkai
  • Sharingan
  • Ladies Man
  • Konohagakure


        Kurikoso   Sendo
          • Base 5

Taiyo has a very arrogant personality. He is very strong willed and has a serious nature, hoever he can be seen joking around when around his comrades.

Battle abilityEdit

Taiyo went through his whole life going through intense training his whole life, after studying with many masters he learnt many fighting styles and can use all 5 elements (with help from his mystical item). He battles using tactics and his brutal strength to overkill his opponents. While he may not be as strong or fast as Natsu he is much smarter and uses his overwhelming tactics to be 5 steps ahead of his enemies at all times. He has very deadly techniques and he likes to completely decimate all his opponents. If Taiyo believes he's losing a battle he will activate his special chakra mode which causes purple chakra beams to protrude from his back. However he does not use this techniqe because of the damage it causes on his body.


Not much is known about Taiyos friendships, but he is aquanted with others.

Natsu, Taiyo contantly upsets Natsu which humours everyone, however they do hold a certain amount of respect for each other.

Shadow N. Uchiha, being the second highest rank, Shadow is Taiyo's only official threat to being the strongest member, however Taiyo ad Shadow both respect each other to a degree.