Welcome to the The Uchiha Reborn WikiEdit

This is a wiki based on the Uchiha reborn chat-room it gives details on the Jutsu's, Squads and members of the clan, as well as titles, jobs and information. it also tells you how you can help expand this clan and also join and find out more about how to battle. If you want to know how members are ranked, check the Leadership page. also check out the official website at

Jutsu InformationEdit

The list of new Jutsu's and secret techniques will be added as followed, if you would like to add a new jutsu to the list, you must first ensure you have notified the leading members such as Shadow N. Uchiha, Taiyo Uchiha or Natsu before adding the page to the wiki.

Latest activityEdit

New squads have been designated, join us and find out more on how to join and also get into a squad.